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Gutter Cleaning carried out by experts

We have years of experience in gutter cleaning and can guarantee a clean and tidy finish

  • You’ll never have to worry about leaves and dirt clogging your gutters again

  • A  30 day guarantee for no blockage

  • Your gutters will be cleaned by a licensed professional

  • 100% remove the collection of moss, soil, mould, and leaves etc

  • Before’ and ‘after cleaning pictures of the guttering shown to you

  • Get peace of mind from knowing that you’re safe from the dangers of blocked gutters

  • Keep your home looking beautiful all year round

Star - Commercial and Domestic Cleaning

Satisfaction Guaranteed

A 30 day guarantee for no blockage.Guaranteed to unblock your gutters in one visit.

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Trusted & Experienced

For you’re cleaning services, we know what works. A clean property maintains its looks and its value..

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Reliable & Fully Insured

We’ll never let you down. No hanging around, no missed appointments. We’ll be on time – every time.

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Regular cleaning options

Regular domestic or commercial cleaning contracts.Transparent no-nonsense pricing.

Are you looking for a professional gutter cleaning company?

Stardust Gutters is a top-rated and family-owned gutter cleaning company that specialises in cleaning out gutters from falling leaves in the autumn to moss coming off your roof.

As one of the most experienced gutter cleaning providers in the area, we primarily focus on commercial and residential gutter systems.

We aim to provide customised solutions designed to meet your needs and budget.

So when you are considering a clean gutter project for your home or business property, look no further than Stardust Gutters.

Image of a gutter that's blocked with mossImage of a gutter that's been cleared with a gutter vaccum

Professional Gutter Cleaning

Why Choose Us:

As a family-owned business, we understand the importance of communication and relationship building. That’s why we only offer personalised gutter and fascia cleaning services that provide what you need.

We have a customer-driven approach that puts you first. By addressing your needs and requirements, combined with our expertise, we give you a first-class service that resolves all your gutter cleaning and repair needs.

With our:

  • Qualifications and training
  • All visible debris will be removed at the end of each cleaning session, giving your gutters an attractive clean exterior.
  • Industry compliant methodologies and techniques
  • Specialise in cleaning gutters for a variety of clients from homes to businesses
  • Dedicated work ethics
  • Sophisticated gutter vac machinery and gutter cleaning tools
  • Offer competitive pricing on gutter cleanings
  • Experience with a wide range of local and industrial gutter vacuum systems.
  • Provide customised solutions that meet your specifications

We give your home or business an exceptional cleaning service that combats the changing English weather quickly and efficiently.
With upfront gutter cleaning prices, free quotes and quick response times, and complete transparency and honesty, Stardust Gutters offers only the best in gutter cleaning and repair.

Keep your gutter cleaning cost down and your gutters, roof, soffit, and fascia clean, with expert professionals and unbeatable cleaning prices.

We cater for Bungalows, Terrace, End Terrace, Semi-detached House, Detached House and Three storey house.

We work from the ground level using our carbon fibre extension pole connected to our industrial gutter cleaning machine.

All the leaves and twigs are sucked away, leaving your gutters and downpipes clean and free to flow.

After the clean is complete, we will provide you with photographic evidence that your gutter is clean.

Gutter that is blocked full of moss and water in TowcesterEmpty gutter after removing the moss and water in Towcester


  • Gutter Cleaned Out
  • Camera Inspection
  • Before & After Pic’s


  • Gutter Cleaned Out
  • Camera Inspection
  • Before & After Pic’s


  • Gutter Cleaned Out
  • Camera Inspection
  • Before & After Pic’s


  • Gutter Cleaned Out
  • Camera Inspection
  • Before & After Pic’s

Three Storey

  • Gutter Cleaned Out
  • Camera Inspection
  • Before & After Pic’s

Commercial Gutter Cleaning

Commercial gutter cleaning is a complicated task that involves a vast system of pipes and interlocking drainage components. They can flush out vast quantities of rainwater to keep commercial properties functioning smoothly.

Large scale commercial properties like warehouses, industrial factories, hotels, or retail buildings are dependent on clean, well-functioning gutters for a safe and hygienic business environment.

Not only do blocked gutters sag and become a safety hazard, but the accumulated rain water on the roofs seep into walls, leading to rot, mould, and mildew. Your storage and basement areas are prone to flooding, and your expensive stock is in danger of being ruined.

Whereas clogged gutters on the ground bubble out dirty water mixed with sewerage onto your business premises. The smell and mess are a surefire way of losing customers and getting fined by the legal authorities.

Our professional commercial gutter cleaning kit offer’s businesses guaranteed protection against health and safety hazards. Routine cleaning will also ensure that your business premises will stay clean and dry after rainstorms.

It will also save you from high insurance premiums and the risk of breaking building compliance and regulation rules. We promise you high-level gutter cleaning for your commercial buildings.

We use sophisticated gutter vac cleaning equipment like the renowned Skyvac gutter cleaning vacuum to suck out even the most stubborn blockages.

We also:

  • Clean out any growth that has begun to sprout inside the gutters
  • Pressure wash or clean moss and algae growth outside your gutter exterior
  • Clear out the clogs from your gutters & downpipes
  • Replace damaged gutter guards, brackets, and rusted joints
  • Secure sagging gutters
  • Clean your roof of the debris and growth so that your gutters remain clear
  • Re-position the gutters for efficient drainage

Our gutter technicians are IPAF qualified and regularly updated on the latest gutter cleaning techniques.

Stardust operative with Nifty lift cherry picker and skyVac cleaning equipment

We have:

State-of-the-art commercial gutter cleaning equipment & tools. Well trained and knowledgeable gutter cleaners.

Use of MEWP (mobile elevating work platform) and high access equipment to work at height
Adherence to safety measures and protocols. And full insurance

Our highly experienced gutter specialists offer you complete gutter cleaning solutions, including roof cleaning and repair. Our superior methods and vast knowledge of industrial gutters give us an edge over other gutter cleaning companies with lesser experience.

Our friendly, reliable and local gutter professionals are available at flexible appointment times so that there is no disruption with your business activities. For business premises that reflect your reputation, utilise our wide range of gutter cleaning and maintenance solutions.

House Gutter Cleaning

Gutter Clearance is quick & easy with Stardust 

Gutter cleaning and clearing is an essential maintenance task if you want to protect your home and keep it looking immaculate.

Clogged roof gutters wreak havoc with your roofing material, leading to:

  • Curling roof shingles and damaged tiles
  • Roof leaks that damage your home interior
  • Unsightly moss and lichen growth, adding further moisture to your roof
  • Improper drainage of rainwater, leading to damp walls and rotting fascia boards
  • Structural damage because of inefficient water drainage
  • Water Damage

As your roofs bear the brunt of the weather and environmental damage, ensuring that your roof gutters and downspouts are clear of debris and leaves and twigs is crucial to its upkeep.

Gutter cleaning acts as a preventive measure that can save you thousands of pounds in repair costs.

We provide a comprehensive range of cleaning and repair services that include:

  • Unclogging gutters and downpipes
  • Cleaning fascia and soffit
  • Carrying out the necessary guttering repairs like replacing joints, brackets and securing loose gutters
  • Lead valley roof gutter cleaning

We work with a wide range of guttering systems, including aluminium, metal, plastic, and cast iron.

We can also fix and correct your gutter positioning and placement, along with gutter replacement and installation.

Don’t go for a quick gutter fix with DIY cleaning or substandard companies.

Avail of our all-in-one exterior cleaning services and get your gutter cleaning and exterior cleaning is done in one sitting with minimum fuss and no mess.

Look for gutter repair near me to get your nearest location.

Stardust gutter cleaning and repair for domestic and commercial customers.

Trained operative using the gutter vacuum on a two bedroom terrace house

Frequently asked questions

Q: What will Stardust Gutters do for me?

A: We primarily focus on commercial and residential gutter systems. We aim to provide customised solutions designed to meet your needs and budget.

Q: How long will it take to clean my gutters?

A: It typically takes around 2-3 hours to clean gutters, depending on the size of the property.

Q: What type of gutter cleaning equipment do you use?

A: We use a combination of poles and vacuums to clean gutters.

Q: What are the benefits of having my gutters cleaned by Stardust Gutters?

A: The main benefit of having your gutters cleaned by Stardust Gutters is that it will help protect your home from water damage. Gutter cleaning helps to ensure that the water from rain or melting snow is properly diverted away from your home, instead of seeping through your roof and walls. In addition, a clean gutter system can help increase the lifespan of your roofing material.

Q: What is the process of gutter cleaning?

A: The typical process of gutter cleaning includes a comprehensive inspection of your gutters and roof, the removal of all debris including leaves, branches, and moss, followed by a final check to ensure that everything is in order.

Q: What if there’s a clog in my gutter that your team can’t remove?

A: If for some reason there is a clog in your gutter that our team can’t remove, we’ll offer a free re-clean. We want to make sure you’re completely satisfied with our services!

Q: Why should I get gutter cleaning services?

A: First of all, did you know that dirty gutters can cause roof damage, water pooling on the ground and even insect infestation? To prolong the life of your home or business property, it is essential to ensure that your gutters are dried out after each rainfall.

Nobody likes having to clean their own gutters so this task should not come as a surprise. We serve residential and commercial clients in the Midlands with professional gutter cleaners who will be equipped with everything to get the job done correctly while avoiding any potential incidents.

So if you’re interested in less hassle at home or work then give us a call!

Q: What does Stardust Gutters offer?

A: Stardust Gutters offers gutter cleaning services for both commercial and residential buildings. We have a great deal of experience in this field and can provide customised solutions to meet your needs and budget.

Q: Do you offer a warranty for your services?

A: As well as our assurance of satisfaction, we offer a one-year warranty on anything we do.

Q: Will Stardust Gutters clean my roof as well?

A: We primarily focus on commercial and residential gutter systems.

Q: How often should I have my gutters cleaned?

A: Ideally, gutters should be cleaned twice a year – once in the autumn, when leaves are falling, and again in the spring when snow and ice have melted. However, depending on your location and the type of gutter system you have, you may need to clean them more or less often. Always consult with a professional gutter cleaner before making any decisions about cleaning your gutters.

We’re Not Like Other Cleaning Companies

Learn how we’re true experts and world-class cleaners, striving to be transparent, honest and the best at what we do:

Commercial and Domestic Cleaning Accreditations

Fast | Efficient | Friendly | Affordable

Here at Stardust Gutters, we wear our badges with pride. We’ve spent years in the Commercial and Domestic cleaning sector, building our reputation, experience and qualifications.

As the leading Cleaning company in the East Midlands, we’re a member of numerous accreditation bodies. We make sure we use only the latest proven equipment, tools and techniques for our cleaning work.

These are all industry approved and support us in our guarantees to our customers.

Our technicians are undergo training to the highest professional standards of cleaning techniques and practices. We owe our success to the standards that they apply in their work.

As an accredited member of many professional industry associations, we stand proudly at the forefront of the cleaning industry. Our membership of these bodies demonstrates clearly our commitment to that industry and to our customers.

BICSc logo

All services provided by Stardust Gutters are accredited by the British Institute of Cleaning Science.

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The Federation of Window Cleaners for the safe use of high-reach water-fed pole window cleaning system.

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IPAF promotes the safe and effective use of powered access equipment.