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  • Your gutters will be cleaned from the top down, ensuring that all debris is removed.
  • You’ll never have to worry about clogged gutters or leaves again.
  • Have peace of mind knowing your home is protected from any potential water damage.
  • You’ll save money on expensive repairs.
  • Your neighbours will be jealous of how good your house looks!
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Domestic Gutter Cleaning

How do your domestic gutters help safeguard your house?

They protect it from water damage by:

  • Protecting the structural integrity and foundation of your home by giving the rainwater a direct passage down through downspouts and drains safely away from your house
  • Protect your roof from moisture and damage
  • Protect your walls and ceiling from water penetration
  • Prevents leaks and further drainage problems inside the house

If you neglect your house gutter clearance and repair, your home is vulnerable to the moisture left behind after rain and snow.

It can lead to damage to your property with expensive repairs, like replacing your rotted fascia boards, repainting peeling paint, and replacing damaged roof tiles and curling shingles.

Therefore, don’t be put off by the gutter cleaning cost. It is a necessary expense that safeguards your home and family. It gives you a hygienic environment both inside and outside your house.

Routine house gutter cleaning will protect your home, appreciate its value, and increase its curb appeal.

It will also save you from:

  • Growth of moss, algae and lichen on your roof and house exteriors
  • Costly cladding, rendering and bricking repairs from dripping water
  • Damage to your garden and plants because of waterlogging
  • Fumigation expenses because of pest infestation
  • Higher electricity bills to warm the colder interior caused by moisture in the walls
  • Crying over the loss of precious mementoes and memories kept in your attic or basement
  • Horrid and musty odours caused by gutter blockages
  • Damaged fascia and soffit
  • Conservatory roofs covered in algae, moss and leaves

And if you think that gutter guards are adequate protection against the debris, dried leaves and twigs that land on your roofs, you couldn’t be more wrong.

Gutter guards are just a precautionary measure against preventing blockages in between gutter maintenance. They obstruct the passage of waste going in your gutters only to an extent.

Picture of a gutter full of moss in OxfordPicture of a clear gutter thats been cleaned in Oxford

But small stones, leaves, trash, and sticks still go inside the gutters, especially with heavy rains and strong winds that are the norm in England.
If not cleaned regularly, the blockages increase in size and cause damages to your gutters like sagging from the heavy water weight and broken brackets.

The leaking water from the gutter edges also causes growth on the outside of your gutters. It can extend inside your gutters, causing permanent damage to them.

The only option you have is replacing your gutters as cracks and lining damage is irreparable.

If you don’t want:

  • Unhygienic and unsafe environment
  • Higher insurance premiums
  • Prime conditions for mould and mildew
  • Rotting wood that attracts woodworms

Then opt for preventive measures like regular roof gutter cleaning and rain gutter cleaning.

It is the smartest decision you can make to avoid messy situations and long-winded house maintenance issues.

We cater for the following properties, bungalow, terrace, end terrace, semi detached house, detached.

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How Do Gutters Protect Your House?

House Gutter cleaning is a task most homeowners dread. Not only is it messy and difficult, but also time-consuming and risky.

But it’s a necessity if you want to protect your property and save your money from costly repairs. It also ensures that your house is comfortable and functional.

It amounts to the same thing as pressure washing your patio or driveway regularly or getting the lichen and moss out of your bricking and block pavements.

The difference is that clean gutters protect your property from the inside. They help you by keeping your outdoor surfaces clean and dry.

Your gutters are essential in protecting your roof and walls and preventing structural damage from water moisture around their foundation.

They provide a passage for the rainwater on roofs to efficiently flow down the downspouts and towards drains.

If the gutters and downspouts are clogged, the water cannot drain properly and accumulates on rooftops. It also drips down your walls and inside your windows.

Your house foundations are also at risk from waterlogging on the ground surrounding them.

How often should you clean your gutters?

Cleaning out gutters is generally needed twice a year to keep your gutters clear of blockages and functioning smoothly.

If you live in a denser woodland area, you might need to get gutter cleaning done more than twice a year. As compared to suburban areas or big cities like London where sub-annual cleaning may be more than enough.

The age and wear and tear of your gutters is also another factor to consider. Sometimes older or worn-out gutters require more maintenance and cleaning. Other times the tilt or positioning of your gutters may be at fault.

A reputable gutter contractor may be the best person to guide you at that point. Replacing old gutter parts or fixing the drain flow positioning makes a noticeable difference in the frequency of your gutter blockages.

Furthermore, with routine gutter maintenance, you can also keep the typical cost of gutter cleaning down to a doable number.  You can seek the help of a reliable gutter cleaning professional to guide you on the most efficient solution to your gutter blockages and decreased water flow.

You can employ the services of a reputable gutter cleaning company to correct your gutter water flow and adequately prepare for the fall or winter seasons ahead.

If the gutters are not cleaned beforehand, the rainwater and leaves clog the gutters and downspouts. The snow, along with freezing water, makes the situation worse. When spring finally arrives, your home will definitely require more than a general spring clean.

Employ preventive measures like gutter cleaning and repair along with waterproofing your roof and exterior surfaces to protect your home and investment.

How do you ensure that your gutters stay clean throughout the year?

You can either go for a DIY or call gutter cleaning people from a reliable company. Whatever option you choose, makes sure that it is safe and effective.

Green weeds growing out of a black gutter on a houseThe weeds have been sucked away using our very large gutter cleaning vacuum cleaner.

DIY gutter cleaning

House gutter cleaning cannot be attempted without a proper gutter cleaning vacuum and tools like a complete gutter cleaning kit, a residential gutter vac or a gutter cleaning extension pole.

Also, gutter cleaning tools without ladders can only clean a single-story house.

It is also not a task you can attempt alone. Whether you are doing your roof and gutter cleaning or moss removal alongside your gutter and window cleaning – pair up with a partner for your safety.

And most friends or family members run away as soon as they hear the word clean and help together. It’s no wonder that ladder accidents are so common.

Do you know that almost 90,000 people go to the emergency room from ladder injuries alone? Or that 50% of the ladder injuries happen because of carrying objects while climbing ladders?

If you are attempting to clean your gutters yourself, it is best to invest in quality gutter cleaning equipment UK, along with protective gear, garden hose, leaf blowers and a sturdy ladder.


You can always go for a speedier solution with better results, like a residential gutter cleaning near me.

An expert house gutter cleaner from a reliable company knows the best way to clean gutters from the ground without a ladder safely and efficiently.

They have the experience and the skills to carry out gutter cleaning and repair effectively as they are familiar with all types of guttering systems.

Additional services from a gutter cleaning company include removing the algae and moss growth from outside your gutters with pressure or a jet washer.

It will prevent moss and algae growth from spreading further on your roof and inside the gutter.

You can also get your ground gutters flushed to stop dirty sewerage water from bubbling out onto the ground and contaminating your garden.

Repair and replacements to your utility hole and gutter covers are also crucial to protect your home and reduce gutter blockage problems.

For minimum hassle and fuss, go for a gutter cleaning company to carry out all the above tasks when they come in for a gutter clean.

Stardust Gutters is a trusted name in the gutter cleaning industry. It provides services in most parts of the UK.

You can click here to check our complete list of locations for domestic gutter cleaning services near you.

We also provide commercial gutter cleaning and industrial gutter cleaning services. We have been providing an exceptional quality of services across the UK for 19 years.

Leaves, twigs and moss collection in gutter vacuum
A pile of leaves, mud, and moss from the gutter cleaning machine

House gutter cleaning does not have to be messy and expensive. You don’t have to keep delaying it till you can stomach the disruption it causes in your schedule.

You also don’t have to keep running to the Home Depot for gutter cleaning tools for a 2-story house or a gutter cleaning brush. We have everything you need to clean your gutters and outdoor exterior services to a brand-new finish.

With our extensive experience in guttering services and the maintenance industry, you can expect honest, reliable and first-class services for any exterior cleaning and gutter cleaning and repair service.

As a family-run business, we understand the importance of maintaining and building relationships. Therefore, we strive to deliver results that exceed your expectations.

How do we deliver consistently deliver first-class services every single time? 

We communicate. We listen, inspect, and understand before delivering.

Our workers are experienced and trained to work with all types of residential guttering. We regularly update our staff on the latest gutter cleaning methods and technology.

We use Skyvac gutter cleaning which is the best quality gutter cleaning tool in the UK. Our quick-connect gutter attachments minimise the risk of leakages in your gutters and roofs.

That enables us to provide you with a high standard of service every time we serve you. Our expert cleaners give you a guaranteed and thorough service that leaves no sign of debris, organic waste, and trash in your gutters.

We work with all types of guttering materials, including cast iron, aluminium, PCV, zinc and metal. Our expert gutter technicians can clean:

  • Half-round gutters
  • K-shape gutters
  • Custom-built fascia gutters

We also provide gutter replacements that we can match with your existing paint job, roofing material, and soffit and fascia. We can correct your gutter positioning or tilt if you are experiencing slow drainage and water accumulation in roof corners and edges.

Our gutter engineers can reinstall your gutters for a correct water drain flow that keeps moisture away from your windows, walls, and house foundations. We replace essential gutter components like gutter covers, end caps, gutter guards, slip connectors, brackets, downspout straps and more.

Our expert eye can easily spot the water drainage issues with your rain and sewerage gutters. Our observant repairmen and cleaners miss nothing, from essential guttering repairs to incorrect gutter installation.

Unlike other gutter cleaning companies, our vast experience in the cleaning industry allows us to guide you on more than your gutter blockages. We offer you the convenience and comfort of getting various types of exterior cleaning done in one sitting.

Our friendly and cooperative team of cleaners and repairmen are always available to give you a helping hand. We can also connect you to other qualified professionals for additional home services in different fields.

We’ve been making gutter cleaning and repair easy and hassle-free for our customers for years. With our cost-competitive prices and safe and industry compliant practices and procedure, you can always trust us to provide only the best for your private properties.

It’s no wonder that we have become the go-to company for all of our customer’s exterior cleaning and maintenance needs. We are your reliable and local gutter cleaning specialists. You can contact our 24-hour customer representative team for more information and obligation-free quotes.

Stardust operative using a gutter vacuum to clear the gutter on a single garage
Stardust operative cleaning the gutters on a Air Cadets building in Buckingham


Are you ready for gutters that function perfectly throughout the year?

Search for gutter cleaning UK for your closest location

What’s the Procedure?

We start with a detailed inspection of your domestic gutters. We use sophisticated Gopro 9 & DJI drone inspection cameras, if needed, to identify the source and origination of the blockage.

We understand that each gutter cleaning system is built differently and requires a specialised approach to fixing it. That is why we never use all for one method of cleaning and repairing your gutters.

We believe in complete transparency and honesty in our dealing with our customers. Our work ethics do not allow us to carry out incomplete work or short-term fixes. We always show you any guttering repairs and damages beforehand., with upfront quotes without any hidden costs.

We aim to give you superior cleaning without causing any damage to your home and operate within your comfort zone. There is no disruption to your schedule and overly long cleaning hours. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we deliver the services you require quickly, without any disturbance to your life or schedule.

Our gutter technicians come with a fully stocked van that also includes essential gutter repair equipment in emergencies.

This way, you don’t have to call a repair crew separately later for necessary replacements and repairs. You can get all your roof and guttering repairs done in one sitting. It is more economical and hassle-free and saves quite a lot of your valuable time.

Our cleaning technicians use professional gutter cleaning vacuum equipment that can be operated from the ground level. Out telescopic carbon pole can do gutter cleaning up to 3 stories high. We have combination ladders, the best gutter cleaning equipment UK, and comprehensive knowledge of different guttering systems.

We start with cleaning debris from the gutters leaves, moss, pine needles, twigs and trash and depositing it off-site so that there is no chance of them going back into your gutters during or after the cleaning. Our roofing specialists are trained in both roof repairs and cleaning.

They can perform and execute both cleaning and flashing repairs to waterproof your roof and replace the roofing tiles or shingles damaged. Our services also extend to repairing leaks, re-cladding, soffit boards, rendering, and repainting exterior surfaces in need of touch-ups or major repairs.

Our expert cleaning crew uses gutter vacuum systems and carbon fibre poles and to get the job done in no time at all!

If required, we get down and dirty. We manually clean out debris that the machines can’t reach, like the gutter sides and corners. Stubborn dirt and caked grime are all washed off to give you sparkling clean gutters and surfaces.

No area is ignored or left dirty. We don’t cut corners, and our attention to detail ensures that the job is done faultlessly. We even provide gutter and fascia cleaning to give your roofs a brand-new look. You can search for our gutter and fascia cleaning near me to get a quote.

Lastly, we efficiently flush out your gutters and downspouts, clearing the waste away from your house and sewers. We never leave any debris or trash onsite. Otherwise, it will just swim back inside your gutters and land you in the same spot you started.

Enjoy a stress-free fall and winter. Get your gutters cleared of the dead leaves and the icy rainwater left behind in your gutters. Say hello to the sunshine and dry and clean roofs with gutters that are clear of any blockages and growth.

Our gutter cleaning service is backed up with a month guarantee for no blockages. Check out our gutter cleaning prices page for more information.

We operate in the following areas across the UK:

Abingdon | Aylesbury | Banbury | Bedford | Bicester | Biggleswade | Birmingham | Brackley | Buckingham | Cambridge | Corby | Coventry | Daventry | Derby | Dunstable | Hemel Hempstead | High Wycombe | Hitchin | Huntington | Kettering | Leicester | Leighton Buzzard | Market Harborough| Milton Keynes | Northampton | Nottingham | Nuneaton | Oxford | Peterborough | Reading | Royal Leamington Spa | Rugby | St Albans | Stevenage | St Neots | Watford | Wellingborough